Tax Planning

Business man and employee planning taxes and finances.

Tax time is coming up. Are you prepared?

When the time comes to deal with your own taxation and accounts, it can be stressful and hassling. Though through good preparation and planning, you can make tax time work for you and potentially reduce the impact of tax, while keeping up to date.

Holt Baker are specialists at accounting and taxation. Based in East Kew VIC, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive tax planning advice and strategies, all at competitive prices.

We provide assistance for:

Identify Options and Areas to Reduce Tax

Tax can be complicated in many ways—that's no secret. What can you actually claim? Are you entitled to any government incentives or benefits? Is there anything you should concern yourself with when recording expenses?

A professional accountant can help you identify potential tax deductions and government benefits in detail, which could help you minimise tax payable. They'll also inform you of any obligations and laws that you have to meet and abide by, thus helping you stay up to date.

By planning for tax, you could:

Holt Baker have worked with a large variety of businesses and individuals from different industries over the years, tailoring options, advice and strategies to suit clients unique needs. Our experience is complemented by a team of professional accountants and tax advisors, who aim to help you

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